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If you have guests who can’t attend your wedding, whether it be because of travel or safety reasons, or venue limitations, Grindstone Wedding Films offers multi-camera live-streaming for your wedding.
With our Ceremony Live Streaming add-on you will get one livestream technician, professional audio capture, a link for easy sharing, HD streaming quality and download of the broadcast.
The video below is an example of a live streamed wedding ceremony beginning with our live stream intro add-on. 

Please note: Live streaming services do require internet access and will be contingent upon either your venue both having acceptable ethernet/WiFi and making it available to us, or you add-on a dedicated commercial grade internet uplink option for certain, worry-free connectivity. We are limited by the broadcasting capabilities of the streaming platform(s) you choose (such as YouTube or Facebook) which often compress live streams, however, we do offer an uncompressed professional edit in full HD (1080p) or 4K resolution within 30 days of your event, or same day for an additional rush charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course. We’re available to live stream music events, seminars and presentations, reception toasts and speeches, funerals and memorial services.

The two most common methods are Facebook and YouTube.

With YouTube, we broadcast to an unlisted channel that is embedded into a personalized page on our website. You can add a personal message below the video window, as well as photos from your engagement session (with your photographer’s permission).

With Facebook, the easiest way we’ve found is to create a private Facebook Group and add your friends and family to the group, so they can watch when your event goes live. Friends and family are able to comment during the stream and show their love and support. The biggest issue we’ve seen with using Facebook is that some friends and family may not use Facebook or know how to log in. *If you choose to use Facebook, you’ll need to add our live stream technician as an administrator of your group in order for us to go live in the group.

Absolutely. We include one wireless audio link that can be worn by the officiant, the groom or if you’re using a handheld microphone, we can plug into the audio board. Additional audio links are available.

Without being overly technical – The video file that we transmit to streaming platforms like YouTube or Facebook has to be a certain size as we broadcast, which means our system has to compress the video to save bandwidth/data. While the video dimensions are still FHD (1920×1080), the quality is reduced. If you’re watching the video on a phone or tablet, you may never notice the difference, but there’s a good chance you will if watching on a computer or television. We offer an uncompressed FHD option and a UHD (4k) as well. These options are available up to one year after your wedding or event.

The easy answer is “one is bigger than the other”, but who cares about that if your screen is always the same size, right? Well, kind of.
Your TV may always be the same size physically, but the image you put on it isn’t.
Let’s say you have a decent size TV, say 50″ and you put a 25″ image on it, that image is too small for your TV. To get a visual, see the image below.

But TV makers are smart, they know you won’t want to watch the image small, so they size it up to fill the whole screen.
In doing that, you reduce the quality of the image, meaning it may be pixellated, grainy or even blurry. If you put a 50″ image on your 50″ TV, then no resizing is done, you get 100% picture quality.

So the same logic carries over with 1080p to a 4k TV, only 4k is four times larger than 1080p, so you’d lose even more picture quality.
If you’re thinking “oh, I don’t even have a 4k TV”, keep in mind that there was also a time that you didn’t have a 1080p TV. Studies suggest that in 10 years, 6k TVs will be the standard (yep, 6k is 6 times the size of 1080p!).

After all that technical babble is over, I’ll be real with you. 4k isn’t going to change your life, but watching a lower resolution video on a 4k or 6k TV means the quality is reduced significantly.

Want a more detailed explanation? Check out our “why 4k?” article here.

Another easy answer would be Yes.
However, we can’t guarantee their connection or equipment will be sufficient and working properly. We’ve worked with venues that have great speed tests, but when it was time to broadcast, the connection was too weak to transmit.

We offer a commercial grade internet uplink as an add-on to our live streaming services.
This is basically a cellular hotspot, on steroids.

We record the broadcast as it’s streaming, even if internet signal is lost.
We aren’t able to troubleshoot internet issues while your event is happening, but as soon as internet connection is restored, we will upload the video file to your chosen platform. 

WiFi Hotspots can work really well, but can also be really nice paper weights.
We’ve tested hotspots before events and it worked great, but when the event time arrived and the venue was full of guests, we had very low upload strength.
Wireless hotspots connect to the same cell towers that our phones connect to, so if all of your guests’ phones are linked to those towers, as well as other people in the area, this creates congestion on the network and slows down all connections, including your hotspot.
If your venue does not offer sufficient internet, we recommend using our commercial internet uplink add-on.

Unlike Zoom, we offer a one-way wedding stream that allows virtual guests to watch the wedding as if they were really there. 

Guests simply click the link you send them or join the Facebook group and watch your wedding. There is no need to download an app, wait for a moderator to let you in, or mute your microphone.

No! Other virtual wedding platforms utilize existing technology, like Zoom, to stream your wedding, which can limit the number of guests. Since we use one-way streaming, we can have an unlimited number of guests virtually attend. That means no more limiting your guest list!

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