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Indian and South Asian weddings are my absolute favorite to film! The vibrant colors, dancing and celebration at Indian weddings are second to none.
Whether your wedding is traditional, hybrid or you’re adding your own style and personality, we’re ready to capture it all.

We understand the culture and the sentimental moments that occur during a traditional Indian wedding. From the Vadaii to the Sangeet and from the Baraat to the Reception, we capture these important moments and tell the story through the lens, so all of your friends and family can relive them with you.

See a few examples of our services and work below!

Wedding Highlight Film

Highlight Films are generally 4-6 minutes long and are a peek at the special moments that make your day your own.
This short film is perfect for sharing on social media and with friends and family.
This option is included when you hire us and can be upgraded to a Wedding Story Film or Wedding Featurette.
Want a Highlight Film AND a Story or Featurette? No problem!

Wedding Story Film

An upgrade from our Highlight Film, Cinematic Story Films are usually 7-12 minutes in length and show all of the special moments from your wedding day. This option can be selected in addition to a Highlight Film also!

Full Cut | Documentary Style Films

A Full Cut or Documentary Style film is a full length video of your event, consisting of footage from multiple camera angles and professional audio.
Add a Full Cut film for your Ceremony, Sangeet/Garba or any others you want to watch in full length!
*This is not a full video of the day.

Pre-Wedding Highlight Films

Pre-Wedding Highlight Films are similar to the Wedding Film Highlight above, but are specific to the pre-wedding events (Ganesh Puja, Haldi, Mayra, Sangeet, etc).
Footage captured during the pre-wedding events will often be used in the main Wedding Film in your package, but we can also create a Highlight Film for each of the pre-wedding events, or like in this example, we can create a single Highlight Film with footage from each of your pre-wedding events.

à La Carte Add-ons

Here are the à La Carte services that can be added to your wedding video package.
Click on each service for a detailed description.

Live Streaming

If you have guests who can’t attend your wedding, whether it be because of travel or safety reasons, or venue limitations, we now offer live streaming options for your wedding. We’re not talking about a webcam from the back of the room either!
Your friends and family watch straight from the cameras we use to film your day and with no pesky wires trailing behind us.
Editing options available! For more info, click here.

Additional Filmmaker

Think we’ll need help at your wedding?
Additional filmmakers are extremely helpful during weddings that are spread out.

Additional Hours

If you’ve picked one of the packages above, we’re already staying with you through the reception and exit. However, our packages are structured so you can choose how early we arrive on the wedding day. If the package you picked does not have enough pre-ceremony hours to cover your make-up, hair, mimosas, gifts, etc; you can add additional hours before your package’s scheduled arrival.

Engagement Film

Perfect to be shown at rehearsal dinners or even the reception, this short film highlights the story of your love. A few weeks before your ceremony, we schedule a time to meet with the couple to interview them and film a few intimate moments to be edited in with the interviews. These films are amazingly sweet and often funny! There won’t be a dry eye in the house.


Video Guest Book

“Congratulations from Aunt Priya and Uncle Mahesh!”
We take a few minutes at the beginning of the reception and ask your wedding guests if they’d like to give a special message for your wedding film.
If we wait until later, once the drinks start flowing, the messages get a little… live 😀

Reception Speeches

If there are speeches planned for your reception, let us know! Even if you don’t plan to add this option to your package, we’d rather know about the speeches and be prepared to capture them when they happen, so that if you’d like to add them later, we’ll have the audio and video. You never know, someone may give the most amazing toast and you may want to add it to your highlight or story film!

Wedding Party Interviews

Everyone who adds these interviews absolutely LOVES them!
We take a few minutes individually with everyone in your wedding party and ask them a few questions about the bride & groom. The results are often hilarious, but can also be a tear-jerker.
We recommend having a quiet room available early in the day for these interviews, – because after ceremony, its nearly impossible to wrangle bridesmaids and groomsmen for interviews and if we catch them after they’ve had a few drinks, you can only imagine what kind of responses we get!

Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal dinners aren’t very common in South Asian weddings, but this option is available just in case you’re mixing traditions! Rehearsal dinners are often when friends and family give those wonderful, heartfelt toasts and speeches. Don’t let them be forgotten! Our package includes two hours of rehearsal dinner coverage with multiple cameras and professional audio capture. The video from your rehearsal dinner will be cut together and included on the flash drive with your wedding films. Need a microphone and PA system? Let us know and we can make that happen too!

Aerial Footage

Aerial footage is an epic addition to your wedding film. In most cases, we use drones for “establishing shots”, for the opening of your film, or a transitional point, showing that we’ve moved from one location to another.
Whether we can fly on your wedding day is based on the weather, location and several safety factors.
We’re sorry, but we do not fly during ceremonies.
We’re licensed by the FAA as an sUAS Remote Pilot (part 107).

Instagram Teaser

These short films aren’t limited to Instagram, that just seems to be the perfect place for them!
This 60 second highlight film shows a few amazing moments from your day.
These are generally available within the week following your wedding.
Here’s an example from Colleen & Patrick’s wedding:

Full First Dances

Planning a choreographed first dance or just want to have a complete video of your first dances?
*This item can be added after your wedding, but only if we were able to capture the first dances in their entirety. It’s best that we’re notified that you want them before the wedding, so we can be prepared to film them from start to finish.

Additional Flash Drives

Each package includes one personalized flash drive with your wedding film(s). If you need more for friends and family, you can add as many as you like up to one month after your wedding. This allows us enough time to order the personalized drives from the manufacturer and have them here in time for delivery.
If you need more after this time, we can still add them, but we’ll have to send a new quote based on the manufacturing cost and shipping.

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